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  1. Traditional rice variety
  2. Famously known as The Women Rice – Good for women, especially during pregnancy
  3. Poongar Rice has nutritional benefits and said to resolve hormonal issues of women.
  4. This particular variety of rice promotes and increases Hemoglobin levels in the blood.


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  Season: Kuruvai ( 90 Days Crop)
  Region: Tamil Nadu
  Specialty: Soft Idlies

Medicinal: A) Helpful for pregnant women: Its kanji(usually called Pez, water extracted out of boiled rice) is said to induce normal delivery in pregnant women.
B) Removes bad sweat from the body: It contains anthocyanin(antioxidant)which helps to kick the bad sweat out of the body and provide a healthy living.
C) Boost immune system: It increases hemoglobin content in blood and thus boosts the immunity system.
D) Contain vitamin B1: It contains vitamin B1 which is especially helpful in case of mouth and stomach ulcers and stomach-related problems.
E) It is also helpful for headaches and is said to boost memory.

  • Hemoglobin levels in the blood are promoted and increased by this particular rice variety.
  • Porridge, Idly, Dosa, and other dishes are best prepared this way.
  • Lowers cholesterol and aids with blood sugar control


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As all our Rice/Pulses are completely organic, after prolonged storage, there might be small insects that come. This is because the lack of chemicals and preservatives is safe for them too!

Just put any one of these into the container. For every kg of rice/pulses, 3 Chillies or one inch of Vasambu (Acorous Calamas) or 5 Neem leaves and do not store much more than you need in your kitchen. Order regularly and we will be happy to supply.


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