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Foxtail millet, called Thinai in Tamil, is served to both humans and birds. Foxtail millets are high in Iron content and these millets are totally pest-free.



Benefits and Nutrients in Thinai:

  • Thinai Millets are gluten-free, Hence they ease digestion process, boosts energy levels and reduces cholesterol level. Which in turn eliminates germs from the body
  • Regular intake of thinai makes our bone strong because it is rich in Calcium.
  • Protein plays a vital role in hair growth, Hence protein content in thinai helps maintain hair health and prevents it from damage.
  • Vitamin B1 present in this millet enhances memory power and concentration power. Therefore it helps children become brilliant.
  • The vitamin essential for the maintenance of healthy muscles is Iron. Thinai has a rich source of iron content.
  • Above all, regular intake of thenai helps to improve the immune system and makes us stay strong.


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