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Kichili Samba is a traditional rice variety which contains Low glycemic index and suitable for diabetics. This has a unique flavor which enhances the taste of sambar or curry when consumed together.

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Kichili samba is a traditional rice variety of Tamil Nadu which is ideal for south Indian meals and also biryani. This is small size rice and we cultivate it in an organic way. Kichili Samba has many more variants like Arcot Kichili Samba, Ottu Kichili are few prominent ones.

Kichili Samba rice is among the lesser-known rice varieties that hold extensive health benefits. Mainly people use it as a substitute for white rice. It was favorite rice for many kings in ancient times. This rice has a unique flavor which improves the taste of curries and sambar.

The main features of Kichili Samba boiled Rice are clean, pure, and withstand extended shelf life. It relishes in the aroma, given that a high nutrition value to anyone’s diet.

Benefits of Samba Rice:

  • This rice gives shine to the skin and strength to the body.
  • The regular usage of this rice leads to an increase in our immune system and keeps us away from virus diseases.
  • Consuming this type of rice is highly suitable for diabetes patients since it has relatively low Glycemic Index value.
  • This rice gives core strength to our body and also increases skin beauty.
  • Above all, it strengthens the bones and muscles.
  • We at Namma Farm are on our way in bringing back our tradition. Buy kichili samba rice online at Namma Farm. Apart from this, all other varieties are also available.

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