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These are tiny, white, round grains belonging to the millet family. A delicious snack or something that can be eaten along with rice/ regular meals. It is a staple ingredient in most South Indian homes.



Benefits and Nutrients in Kuthirai Valli:

  • This millet contains a low amount of calories as compared to other grains. Hence it is good for patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • The low carbohydrate content in this millet makes it a low glycemic index food. Hence it is good for people with type 2 diabetes
  • Barnyard Millet Calories: Almost, one serving of barnyard millets contains 75-83 calories and 1.5-1.9g of protein. It is a good source of highly digestible proteins.
  • Barnyard Millet nutrition: Kuthiraivalli millet is rich in fiber content as compared to other millets which help in preventing bloating and excess gas.


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